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Gate valve

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Gate valve

│ Description │

The gate valve is used for opening and closing of a pipeline. The fluid or gas is stopped by a solid wedge; here the wedge (or disc) is opened or closed with a hand wheel nut.The area where the wedge is connected to the body, the seat area, is hard-faced (HF) to prevent the leakage and to minimize the friction loss: HF means that the area is smoothened with Stellite 6 (we also use other HF materials when preferred). The body of the valve is covered with a bonnet, which is bolted or welded on the body. The bonnet provides leak-proof closure for the valve body. Our gate valves are provided with threaded ends, normal ends, socket welded ends, butt-welded ends, raised face, flat face and ring type joints. Both full size and standard size bores are available.

│ Specification │

• Size- 1/4" - 2"
• Class- #150 - #2500
• Material- carbonsteel, low Alloys, stainless steel, high alloys
• Body to bonnet- bb, wb
• Bore- standard & full bore
• End connection- npt, sw, bw, rf, ff, RTJ

│ Company introduction │

We can supply various type of valves. Forged valves (gate,globe,check) and Plug valves( Lubricate & Non Lubricated type) Cast valves, OEM also available.
We have a supply record Korean EPC (Samsung Eng, Samsung C&T etc) local and overseas project.