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Globe valve

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Globe valve

│ Description │

The Globe valve is used for regulating the flow rate in a pipeline. The valve seat in the globe valve is also hard-faced with Stellite 6. The globe valve opens on the same way as the gate valve, with a stem nut, wedge and a hand wheel. The body of the globe valve is also covered with a bonnet, which is welded or bolted to the body. Our globe valves are provided with threaded ends, normal ends, socket welded ends, butt welded ends, raised face, flat face, and ring type joints. Both full size and standard size bores are available.

│ Specification │

• Size- 1/4" - 2"
• Class- #150 - #2500
• Material- carbonsteel, low Alloys, stainless steel, high alloysb
• Body to bonnet- bb, wb
• Bore- standard & full bore
• End connection- npt, sw, bw, rf, ff, RTJ

│ Company introduction │

We can supply various type of valves. Forged valves (gate,globe,check) and Plug valves( Lubricate & Non Lubricated type) Cast valves, OEM also available.
We have a supply record Korean EPC (Samsung Eng, Samsung C&T etc) local and overseas project.